Executive Assistant Recruitment: Your Perfect Fit

CEOs and senior managers engage us to recruit experienced, career executive assistants. Consulting with senior executives to create unique job descriptions enables us to define the role of the Executive Management Assistant. We have an exclusive network of talented candidates. These Professional Assistants have the background to cope with the immense intellectual challenge of the position, concentrate on execution and delivery, and are skilled in dealing at speed with a host of complicated issues, with little or no direction.

Each candidate we recruit is rated for his or her character, ethical integrity, management and leadership ability. We administer personality and intelligence tests to determine the candidate’s aptitude, attitude, interpersonal skills, judgment, discretion, organizational ability, and flexibility to learn and adjust constantly.

Our innovative recruiting strategies and execution capabilities save executives’ time. The candidates we recruit are top performers who are neither handled by conventional employment agencies nor by traditional search firms.

The right assistant is the single controlling intelligence and should play a pivotal role in helping the executive achieve maximum effectiveness.